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Monday, May 02, 2016

Cisco’s DevNet Zone

Have you checked out Cisco’s DevNet site? Lots of places to learn, labs to do, videos to watch, and forums to use. Check out the site. Here’s a few blog posts to give you an overview:



 Config Labs

Automatic. You should practice basic configuration skills until you can easily and quickly, with confidence, configure the features for CCENT and CCNA. But how? I've been rolling out some labs!



Start with R/S: What's Next?



 Could You Do This Lab?

  • Configure so each router uses a router-id of x.x.x.x where x equals the router number.
  • Do not rely on interface IP addresses for the setting of the router IDs.
  • Use OSPF area 0 for all interfaces
  • Enable OSPF directly on each interface, rather than using the indirect method and the OSPF network command 
  • Assume all interfaces shown in the lab are up and working


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