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Sunday, November 19, 2017
Simply put, this is Wendell Odom’s web site. Wendell has been a best-selling author of products for Cisco certification for over a decade, and this site gives Wendell a place to post advice and information about Cisco certifications. Much of the information on this site is related to various blog topics Wendell has posted at his Cisco Cert Zone blog at NetworkWorld.com. This site will likely morph over time as Wendell finds more topics that work better as web content rather than as a blog discussion. For example, the "Lab Gear" section of this site is an outgrowth of the somewhat regular blog topics about how to build a lab for practicing Cisco skills.
The current main branches of the site are:

 More info about Cisco certification Products (including Wendell’s)

 Information about the decision of how to Get Hands-on CLI Skills  decision

Reference information about how to choose used Cisco lab gear for Cert prep

 Links and index pages into Wendell’s blog