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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Lab Information

(From Wendell): Back in 2007, I started blogging on at Network World magazine’s online site (www.networkworld.com/subnets/cisco). Some topics of course generated more interest than others. In particular, posts about lab gear, what to buy, what models, what interfaces, what IOS versions, what IOS feature sets – anything to do with building a home lab – created lots of page views. In fact, months after each such series had finished, the page view count was still high, so it was clear that many people continued to look for such information.

Well, some of the info related to lab gear just didn’t work well in the discussion format of a blog. So, I spent a few weeks collecting, wrote it down, posted it here. I plan to get it updated every 6-9 months. I’ll also update based on feedback about errors (labdata@certskills.com) as time permits. I’ll write about building a lab inside the blog, but keep the reference info on this site.
Hopefully this can help Cisco cert candidates decide what gear to put in their labs.