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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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VTP Oddities

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) causes switches to advertise VLAN configuration information to other switches in the same VTP domain. Some unusual and unexpected cases can occur. This short PDF document describes teh VTP messages, and then describes a set of circumstances in which a VTP client switch can actually update the VLAN database of a VTP server switch.


CCNA Simulator Study Plan

The CCNA Simulator has 250 lab exercises in three main styles: Skill Builder labs, Configuration Scenario labs, and Troubleshooting Scenario labs. The Simulator's labs, however, do no always map to the chapters in the CCNA Exam Certification Guides (ICND1 and ICND2). This document lists all the labs in the Simulator, and the corresponding book chapters, to help guide your study.


CCNA Security White Paper

Back in 2009, I took a long look at the CCNA Security exam, using the Cisco Press CCNA Security Cert Guide as the basis for a deeper look at the requirements. I also looked at the lab requirements for home study. This paper summarizes what I found. As usual, send any suggestions or error fixes to labdata@certskills.com.



CCIE R/S Book's Description of the Ethernet I/G Bit

CCIE R/S Cert Guide, Edition 4, published 2010, Page 16. Exciting so far, huh? Long and short version: Is the Ethernet I/G bit, which defines whether the MAC address is a unicast or mluticast, on the right or the left of the first byte? And is it the most significant or least significant bit? Or does it matter? This doc clarifies.