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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Lab Gear

It’s a classic chicken-and-egg problem. You need to practice hands-on skills related to a Cisco exam – but you don’t know what gear to buy or software to use when you start. And you’re going to need the gear before you really have enough knowledge and skill to make good choices about the right hardware and software.


This site provides some useful reference information about this important choice. Use it when thinking through the choices. Also look at the resources on the bottom right of this page for places to discuss these options! 


Also, please help me keep this up-to-date and accurate! email any discrepancies to labdata@certskills.com

 What these pages do ...

  • Focus on CCNA and CCNP 
  • List Lab topologies useful for practice with certain features
  • List software features with comparisons between versions and feature sets
  • Show sample Build Lists
  • List Router and Switch model info
  • Focus on gear that is inexpensive in the used market
  • Collect informal price history 
  • Give you a chance to help keep the data accurate (emails to labdata@certskills.com)


 What these pages do not do ...

  • Cover every Cisco cert
  • Cover every router model and switch model
  • Use scientific surveys to determine the price histories
  • Provide a review service for an opinion on what you plan to buy
  • Hold a discussion about labs; see box to the right for that


 Join a Lab Discussion: Blogs

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